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Why iA Writer is «The Editor.»

Why iA Writer is «The Editor.»

I’ve already for two months and ten days, switched entirely from Byword to iA Writer. And am as happy as a writer can be. There is a lot to be explained, but one single thing sets iA Writer apart from all others:

iA Writer has the best iCloud synchronization I ever have experienced

For me it’s magic. It’s like Steve Jobs is still alive and has been involved. If I write a new note on my iPHone and goes to my Mac, the note is there. And the synchronization is stable. For me, it hasn’t failed once.

The iCloud synchronization was Bywords Achilles heal. Every time I switched device and opened Byword it started synchronizing, and it could take many minutes. After finished synching, often my new file still wasn’t present. Then I had to throw Byword out of memory and let it synchronize again and again. It could take hours.

Byword failed to be my daily editor because it didn’t manage to synchronize my notes.

Just of the sake of completeness. iA Writer is a Markdown editor. It let you add small hints to your text and magically convert it to HTML. All when letting you work in pure text. And also saving it in pure text.

After these two months writing on iA, I’ve come to love the tool for other features too. It has so many nice details that help me as a writer. Even better, it is so beautiful and clean, that the badly hurt minimalist in me rejoice – many times each day.

iA Writer full screen Focus mode

Writing these words, for instance, I’m in full screen and Focus mode. That means that only the sentence I’m writing has regular appearance – the rest is slightly dimmed. I also regularly pull on the Do not disturb mode on my Mac or iOS device when writing.

Don't disturb in Norwegian

The cleanness and the silence leaves me, the editor and my writing, peacefully alone.

Deep down, on the right bottom of the screen, I normally have some statistics visible. Since I’ve evolved to a blogger by heart, I need to to know how much I’ve written, and how long the reading time is.


I can let the toolbar hide temporally and always. But I tend to have it on. The possibility to switch to it’s other modes is super effective for me. The toolbar gives me:

  • Statistics mode – quantifies what I’ve done
    iA Stats
  • Syntax mode – let me highlight grammatic elements
    iA Syntax
  • Format mode – shows me shortcuts for Markdown markup
    iA Format

It’s just what I need to get my job done. My favorite is Table in Format. Its sets up a Markdown template for a table. I never have to go to my Markdown cheat page any longer.

When I’ve more or less written the text and begin to edit and revise, I pull up the preview pane. On my 15″ MacBook I get an optimal edit mode, where I can read my text in a beautifully rendered typefaces to the right, and make changes to the left.

iA with preview

And still we haven’t talked about iA Writers ability to highlight adjectives, nouns, adverbs and conjunctions. A feature so immensely important for me who isn’t a foreigner to the language. With it, I can see when I repeat the same word too much. And I promise I do that all the time!

So, dear Information Architects, the friendly people making iA Writer, you have made a jewel of an editor. I’ve just a small detail I wish you could fix.

Please let the key Esc terminate full-screen mode. My trembling old fingers don’t like to hunt down the little small, green icon on the right top of the screen.

If you write, buy iA Writer. For me who has repeatedly shelled out thousand of dollars for MS Office, iA Writer is a bargain. iA is a minimalist’ dream tool!

En bortskjemt Apple-bruker raser over passordproblemer med Sharepoint – dag 2


Jeg er fremdeles bortskjemt. Jeg er for å si som sant er, utskjemt av Apples brukervennlighet. Men i dag ville jeg ha det passordene på Sharepoint i orden:

  • Jeg bestillte nytt passord fra MS
  • Lot 1Password lage et nytt passord
  • Kopierte passordet i et dokument
  • Avsluttet alle programmer
  • Restartet OSX
  • Logget inn på outlook
  • Brukte det nye passordet

Og, kryss i taket! Denne gangen tok Apple sin nøkkelring imot passordet. Deretter la jeg det manuelt inn i 1Password. Puh!

Jeg er en bortskjemt Applebruker. Apple tar vare på mine passord, beskytter meg mot virus og gir meg en problemfri hverdag. Men noen ganger må jeg gjøre en jobb som er Microsoft-relatert. Her fra dagens viderverdigheter med Sharepoint:

  • Skriver inn webadressen. Og får beskjed:
    • Du har ikke tilgang her. (Hm. Sikkert en gammel ID)
  • Går jeg til siste innvitasjon og trykker på linken og får beskjeden:
    • Det har vært unormal aktivitet på kontoen din. Skriv inn koden vi sender deg på mobil:
  • Hei, vent! Hvilken mobil? Den norske eller spanske? Jeg trykker på neste og ser at den spør etter et norskt nummer. Dermed bytter jeg SIM-kort. Logger inn. Ny beskjed:
    • Feil på SIM-kort.
  • Ut og inn med SIM kort på nytt. Logge inn. Ok.
  • Følger MS prosedyre og får inn en kode. Skriver den inn. Får bytte passord.
  • Logger inn på nytt. Får beskjed:
    • For langt passord. MS godtar bare 16 tegn.
  • Teller tegnene i passordet – 17. MS sier at jeg kan ta vekk et tegn. Gjør det og prøver. Ny beskjed:
    • Feil passord
  • Bytter passord med 1Password.
  • Du bør bytte til totrinns sikkerhet, sier MS:
    • Nei, nesten skriker jeg. Bare fortsett.
  • Kommer inn og får gjort jobben min. Endelig!
  • Vil sikre meg at neste arbeidsøkt går bra:
    • Ser etter i 1Password om jeg har det nye passordet. Det er borte.
    • Ser i Safari sitt passordregister. Det er borte.
  • Vet at neste gang vil det bli like ille…

Har nettopp sagt mange stygge ord om Microsoft. Ikke bra. Jeg bør heller tenke på de som jobber med det hver dag. Sånn som jeg gjorde for mer enn tre år siden. Og ta noen ekstra timer med passordene – som en mann. Med løftet panne.

Burde. Men jeg klarer det ikke. Jeg måå få noe av frustrasjonen ut!

Fytte Helgeroa for en brukeruvennlig programvare!

Trying 4 possible ways to get photos to WordPress in 2014

I’m happy with WP as a blog. Specially after I got hand of Onori’s Frank theme, I’m able to publish Markdown text incredibly easy and fast. The pictures however are a complete different story. It’s so work-intensive to add picture to a blog, that I tend to just post them on our Facebook page.

This is a very bad habit though. Facebook takes ownership of our precious photos and videos, and we loose control. Facebook excel in promoting our blog, however. So I’m been looking for solutions for years.

It shouldn’t be that big deal, you may say. But when considering the billions used by Facebook to get a superb iPhone app, I think that’s a telling story.

In 2014 I will try to do some research on how to get the photos from my iPhone from to the VPS hosting our blog. Here is a photo showing the Mediterranean sea through las persianasIf you click on it you should get the original version.

iPhone accept 300 pixel width.

The way I’ve started is to analyze how WP is storing our pictures, and here is what I discovered today.

  • I WP are the pictures for december 2012 on the folder /home/wordpress/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2013/12.
  • The version I prefer has this postfix –297×150.jpg
  • Each picture has it’s original size and 10 reduced versions like this:
Wordpress different versions of a photo

WordPress different versions of a photo. The last photo is the original.


Since I’m already posting a lot of images on Facebook with just a short one line caption, I should also be OK with separating text and photos in our blog.

I will try out these tasks:

  • Trying WP own apps for making photo posts
  • Trying other apps for transfer of photo to the blog photo folders
  • Creating scripts on the server to make the different versions
  • Trying command-line script using WP-Cli from my mac to regularly post new photos from a shared photo-stream

You’re welcome to tell me your best solution! I tell you the result of my work later on.

Nå både skriver og publiserer jeg på iPad

To nyheter har gjort dette mulig:
– Logitechs løvtynne tastatur
– Bywords blog publiseringstillegg

Med disse kan jeg skrive tekst og publisere umiddelbart. Med bilder og videoer er det litt verre. Med appen poster kan jeg forholdsvis enkelt legge til bilder. Men Vine videoer foretrekker jeg å hente og legge inn på Mac´en min.

Dette gjør at publiseringsprosessen vil endres. I stedet for å publisere en ferdig post med bilder og videoer, vil jeg nå istedet først publisere tekst, og deretter bilder og video.

Omtren slik vil prosessen være:
1. Skrive kladden i Draft
2. Åpne kladden i Byword og gjøre eventuelle endringer
3. Publisere
4. Publisere bilder og videoer til bloggen i egne poster

Skriving vil skje på iPad, og foto og video på iPhone. Unntaksvis, og ved lengre dokumenter vil jeg bruke Mac.