About me

My name is Morten Jacobsen. I am Norwegian and lives alternately in Norway and Spain.

Working on just now

Just now I’m working hard on a project I call 1SecondBlog, which aims to let my readers open a post in 1 second on the mobile in a 3G network.

I use my personal blog iakttakelser to report this work.

The blog project is done to serve a social project called Middelhavets perle (English: The Mediterranean Pearl), which goal is to transfer wealth from Norwegian to a small Mediterranean village.

The project consist of a blog, a property sales site, a Facebook page, a Flipboard page, my Twitter, Vine and Instagram accounts @mortjac and my daily physical availability on two different cafés when I’m in the village.

Villajoyosa is the name of the small Spanish village located on the middle of the Mediterranean coast.


My long time passion is the General Ledger. Not accounting, auditing or economic analysis. But to understand what General Ledger really is, and creating applications based on this knowledge. I have made accounting applications for the last in thirty years. In the late nineties, I led EU project COMPASS, to create a global standard for General Ledger. It was approved in 2000, with support from, among others, IASC and IBM.

I have started 6 companies with the purpose to make international accounting easier, both for the finance industry and the common man. I’ve had two successes and two failures.

I am now creating a global accounting system for mobile IT. The system also has a revolutionary simple user interface.


Since 2004, I blogged in three languages, mostly ​​in iakttakelser.

The blogging has led me to create publishing apps for mobile.

Disruptive Innovation

My spare time is used on disruptive innovation. I am an enthusiastic supporter of Clayton Christensen and his theories. I’ve gotten to know them through one of the brightest minds in the world – Horace Dediu in asymco.com.

For health reasons, I must be a lot in Spain and limit travel.

Morten Jacobsen

alias @mortjac

– a social entrepreneur

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