Trying 4 possible ways to get photos to WordPress in 2014

I’m happy with WP as a blog. Specially after I got hand of Onori’s Frank theme, I’m able to publish Markdown text incredibly easy and fast. The pictures however are a complete different story. It’s so work-intensive to add picture to a blog, that I tend to just post them on our Facebook page.

This is a very bad habit though. Facebook takes ownership of our precious photos and videos, and we loose control. Facebook excel in promoting our blog, however. So I’m been looking for solutions for years.

It shouldn’t be that big deal, you may say. But when considering the billions used by Facebook to get a superb iPhone app, I think that’s a telling story.

In 2014 I will try to do some research on how to get the photos from my iPhone from to the VPS hosting our blog. Here is a photo showing the Mediterranean sea through las persianasIf you click on it you should get the original version.

iPhone accept 300 pixel width.

The way I’ve started is to analyze how WP is storing our pictures, and here is what I discovered today.

  • I WP are the pictures for december 2012 on the folder /home/wordpress/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2013/12.
  • The version I prefer has this postfix –297×150.jpg
  • Each picture has it’s original size and 10 reduced versions like this:
Wordpress different versions of a photo
WordPress different versions of a photo. The last photo is the original.


Since I’m already posting a lot of images on Facebook with just a short one line caption, I should also be OK with separating text and photos in our blog.

I will try out these tasks:

  • Trying WP own apps for making photo posts
  • Trying other apps for transfer of photo to the blog photo folders
  • Creating scripts on the server to make the different versions
  • Trying command-line script using WP-Cli from my mac to regularly post new photos from a shared photo-stream

You’re welcome to tell me your best solution! I tell you the result of my work later on.