Touching Node.js

I’ve had really fun following Ev bogue in how to learn webdesign, node.js, git, virtual hosted servers and his excellent compact web framework bitters. I’ve followed his advice in reading, coding and video-watching. I did think I’ve got it, but I had to dive a bit more. For instance, I didn’t get how I could […]

4 Modern Mobile website test results

Yesterday I spent some time on researching the way P. J. Onori, MattGemmel and Ven Portman has created and run their blog/websites. I also measured LightCMS, which are a competitor to Matt Gemmel uses Octopress, which generate a static web-page on GitHub. Portman however, I will better let him explain himself: is built […]

Smashing Magazine give mobile websites 1 second to load

Smashing Magazine has an article called Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites written for .NET developers. They write that the mobile communication takes 2 seconds and that website has 1 second left to load their content, before their readers fly. Their introduction is quite interesting and the graphic they’ve got from is very telling. Here is […]